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Beds League

Bedfordshire County Cricket League - Playing Rules


The Name of the League shall be Bedfordshire County Cricket League (hereinafter called the League.)


The object of the League shall be to organise and control an Annual Competition amongst invited Bedfordshire Cricket Clubs.


Clubs shall be eligible for membership by invitation only on a majority vote of all member clubs. All member clubs MUST be affiliated to the Bedfordshire Cricket Board. 


The Management of the League shall be vested in a committee consisting of the Chairman, Vice Chairman, Secretary/Treasurer, Result Secretary, Disciplinary Committee Chairman and one nominated representative of each member club.

All disciplinary matters, are to be dealt with by the Disciplinary Sub- Committee and, if necessary, the Appeals Sub Committee. The Chairman of the Disciplinary Committee will be elected at the AGM. He/She has the right to co-opt on to these committees to carry out the requirements of “playing rule 18”.

  1. Meetings of the Committee shall be held as necessary. At least seven days notice will be given;

  2. A Quorum shall be the majority of the members of the Committee.

  3. The Committee shall be responsible for the efficient running of the League and shall control finances. The Committee shall have the power to: -

  1. Appoint Sub-Committees as may be deemed necessary from time to time and delegate to each Sub-Committee any powers deemed necessary. The Chairman of each Sub-Committee shall be a member from the Committee;

  2. Co-opt from any member club and likewise fill any vacancy until the General Meeting following;

  3. Referee all disputes.

  1. The Annual General Meeting shall be held not later than 30th November each year. The Committee’s report and the Statement of Accounts, shall be presented at this meeting;

  2. A Special General Meeting may be convened by the Committee at any time or shall be convened by the Secretary within Twenty-one days on receipt of a written request signed by not less than four member clubs;

  3. Fourteen days notice in writing shall be given by the Secretary of any General Meeting, this notice to be accompanied by an Agenda;

  4. Each Member Club shall be entitled to send more than one representative to General Meetings but only one shall be entitled to vote.


The Financial Year shall end on 30th September each year.


Club fielding two elevens: L70

Clubs will be invoiced for postage costs associated with the running of the umpires reporting cards and facility reporting system.

Subscriptions shall be due on 31st January and are payable by 1st April each year. Any Clubs wishing to withdraw from the League must inform the Secretary in writing prior to 1st March of the preceding year.

  1. Membership of the League signifies acceptance of the Constitution and Match Rules;

  2. The Constitution and Match Rules shall be contained in the handbook, which shall be distributed annually to all Member Clubs;

  3. No amendment shall be made to the Constitution, Match Rules or Constituent Members except at a General Meeting. Any proposal for an alteration to the Constitution, Match Rules or list of Constituent Members must be with the League Secretary no later than 30 days before the General Meeting for inclusion on the agenda, and shall take effect if supported by a majority of member clubs;

  4. Any matter not covered by the Constitution will be dealt with by the Committee. The decision of the Committee will be final.


Updated : 22nd March 2004