Luton Town & Indians Cricket Club

Herts League

Saracens Hertfordshire Cricket League - Playing Rules



Each match will start at 1.30pm unless otherwise indicated by the League. Tea, taken between innings, will last 20 minutes. At the discretion of the umpires, tea may be taken during any stoppage for rain.

  1. Matches will normally comprise 100 overs. The side batting first shall receive not more than 53 overs. Subject to rule c) below the side batting second shall receive the balance of the 100 overs not used by the side batting first. Any incomplete over in the first innings being counted as if a completed over;

  2. The side batting first is expected to complete its innings within 3 hours playing time. In the event of the side batting first receiving less than 53 overs in the time allotted, it shall have the option of batting on to receive some or all of the 53 overs allowed (but during this extra time only the batting side shall be entitled to pick up further bonus points). On the closure of the first innings the side batting first shall have the option of either using the balance of the 100 overs when fielding, or the number of overs representing 6 overs less than the number of overs bowled by the fielding side at the end of the allotted time of 3 hours;

  3. The side batting first must communicate its decision to the umpires during the interval between the innings.

All time lost due to drinks intervals (which must have been agreed before the toss for innings) or late starting of the match, or late resumption after any interval, or any other unavoidable cause including injury to a player, shall be aggregated and taken into consideration in calculating the time allowed for completion of an innings.

Divisions 12 & 13

Matches in divisions 12-13 may start at 2:00pm, by prior agreement between the two captains at least 72 hours before the match day. If no such agreement has been made and either side is not ready to take the field at the scheduled starting time, that side shall forfeit the toss.

  1. In the event of a delayed start or any break in the first innings for bad weather, the length of the match will be reduced at a rate of two overs for each full seven minutes of play lost, with the recalculated total to be divided between the two sides such that the side batting first receives six overs more than the side batting second (subject to the laws governing a declaration);

  2. In the event of stoppages, the time available for completion of the first innings shall be reduced by half the total time lost;

  3. Any disruptions to play in the second innings shall result in one over being deducted for each full 3? minutes lost. If there is more than one stoppage in either innings, the time lost is to be accumulated and the number of overs reduced accordingly;

  4. In all completed games which are subject to interruption, the side batting first must have received a minimum of 40 overs (subject to the laws governing a declaration) to constitute a league match;

  5. Where panel umpires are appointed, in the event of any dispute between the captains over the fitness of the ground for play up to one hour before the scheduled start, the umpires shall be the sole arbiters as to whether the ground is fit for play, both before and after the toss.

In divisions 1 & 2, where the fitness of the ground is in doubt more than 3? hours before the scheduled start time, the home club will make every endeavour to obtain agreement to any proposed cancellation from at least one of the appointed umpires or a nominated local deputy.
For the avoidance of doubt: A game should be considered abandoned if the start is delayed by greater than 97 minutes.


If the tea interval takes place during a stoppage for bad weather in the first innings, 20 minutes will be deducted from the total time lost and the total number of overs to be bowled and the time limits will be recalculated accordingly. If the change of innings takes place during a stoppage for bad weather, no additional adjustments shall be made to the number of overs to be received by the team batting second after any recalculation of the number of overs to be received.


The league tables will be produced on an aggregate points basis. Points will be awarded as follows:


Points Award


30 points


Bonus points


20 points


10 points or bonus points, which ever is greater


If 26 overs have been bowled in the second innings, only bonus points earned up to the time of abandonment shall be awarded. Batting bonus points: 140 runs - 1 point; 155 runs - 2 points; 170 runs - 3 points; 185 runs - 4 points; 200 runs - 5 points Batting bonus points are doubled for side batting first. Bowling bonus points


Points Award

Bowling First

having won the toss
       0 to 5 wickets = 0 points,
       1 point per wicket thereafter

havng lost the toss
       1 point per wicket

Bowling Second

1 point per wicket

If any side fails to fulfil a fixture, the opposing team shall be awarded the full 30 points available for that fixture. Any side which fails to fulfil a fixture shall additionally be deducted 10 points from its points total in the division in which it plays.


Unless prevented from reaching the match venue by unavoidable travel problems a side shall be deemed not to have fulfilled a fixture if at the scheduled start time for their match they have less than 8 players ready to take the field. However, where both captains agree that a match take place, even though it may commence later than the scheduled start time, then that match is deemed an official league match. The length of the match will be reduced as in Rule 2 (i) above.


The ECB fast bowling directive (published in the league handbook) shall apply to all league games and failure to comply shall be construed as playing an ineligible player and will be dealt with accordingly under the powers given to the league under rule 12 of the Constitution.


Penalty runs, as prescribed in rule 42 of "The Laws of Cricket", shall only be awarded in matches in divisions 1 & 2. Note: This also covers penalty runs awarded under Laws 2.6 and 18.5; but not Law 41.2 and 41.3 which shall apply in all divisions.


The make and specification of cricket balls to be used in all league matches will be determined by the Executive Committee and no other ball shall be used. A new ball shall be available for use in each innings of all matches, except in divisions 11-13 where only one new ball shall be provided. Where applicable, the side bowling in the second innings shall have the option of using a new ball at the start of the innings or any time up to the delivery of the first ball of the last 20 overs. Note: All new and spare balls to be provided by the home team


Umpires for matches in divisions 1 & 2 will be appointed from a panel by an appropriate sub-committee. In all matches in divisions 3-6 inclusive, each club will provide one umpire. Failure to do so will result in a five point penalty, except for 1st and 2nd XIs of those clubs which have supplied more than one umpire to the league panel. Failure to provide a scorer for the duration of matches in divisions 1 & 2 will result in a five point penalty.


Covering of pitches and bowlers’ run-ups shall be allowed after play has commenced. Where partial covers only are available, bowlers’ run-ups shall be covered up to a distance not exceeding four feet in front of the popping crease.


Grounds on which matches are to be played shall be listed in the handbook. Alternative grounds may be used providing the visiting team and umpires are advised of the change a least seven days before the date of the match. No game shall be switched to a ground other than the one on which the game is scheduled and/or is normally used by the home team, less than seven days before the date of the match. Artificial pitches may be only be used in games in divisions 10-13.


Updated : 22nd March 2004